IMPORTANT UPDATE! Compass Flower Press / AKA-Publishing is now making appointments using videoconferencing, phone calls, and emails only.

Compass Flower Press / AKA-Publishing has been proud to serve clients on a face to face, in person basis since our doors opened. I still want to provide this service, but with the importance of social distancing in containing the Covid 19 Virus, I am not making appointments in my office. I am now ready to work with writers using videoconferencing when we need to clarify information that email and phone use still can’t cover. Most people in our area are strictly adhering to the Stay at Home Order, and I am as well, so I intend to utilize to only these methods of meeting until the virus epidemic is turned around.

Not only will we get through this safely, we’ll still get projects out to readers! Those who wish to utilize videoconferencing along with email and phone conferences—great! We will hone our computer skills together! Please don’t hesitate to contact me at or 573-864-1479.

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