Unbound Book Festival 2020

It’s hard to believe I am actually writing the year 2020, a time that felt so far in the future to the young minds of my generation back in the day when George Orwell’s 1984 was a futuristic novel on the required reading list in my high school. And now 2020 is almost here.

Compass Flower Press proudly supports the Unbound Book Festival, an annual event which brings nationally and internationally recognized authors of world-class renown to Columbia, Missouri to talk about their books, their work, the importance and impact of stories, and their lives. Alex George, founder of the festival works hard to bring in authors and programs of interest to readers, writers and book-lovers in general!

Be on the watch for awareness and fund drives for the 2020 Unbound Book Festival, and watch for the authors and events to unfold here.

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