AKA-Publishing was founded in 2008, followed by Compass Flower Press in 2013.

Each imprint is built on a blend of the strengths of both the traditional and new book-publishing models. AKA-Publishing and Compass Flower Press continue to offer more and updated services to keep the quality and beauty of the book as the focus of the publishing process.

From publishing your manuscript…

With an accessible office in Columbia, Missouri, our biggest advantage for the local community is the ability to meet in-person and collaborate real-time solutions to questions, issues, and choices that are addressed during the design, layout and editing processes. Both AKA-Publishing and Compass Flower Press will scout editors with a passion for each manuscript, present options for illustrating, and lend an artful eye to both cover and interior layout. In addition, author input gives you the control and ability to realize your vision. All services are priced as needed and per project, so you are never locked into a “package deal” you’re not comfortable with.

…to final printing—in paperback, hardback and e-Book

Modern Print on Demand (POD) technology is the primary model for book printing with the advantage of rapid full distribution, and it is designed to be inventory-free, yet readers and book buyers find their orders are filled as fast as warehoused inventory. Authors are able to buy publisher direct as few or as many books for their own marketing and selling as they like. There are no minimum orders, quantity discounts are available, and no need to house boxes of unsold books in storage. Brick and mortar bookstores and online booksellers alike have access to all titles in distribution. Our e-Books are formatted by professionals for use with Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and Kobo, and distributed to the full online array of booksellers.